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there's a whole world outside the dorms, and i can't seem to reach it....

Just getting into the LJ thing, so take it easy on me. I'm from Idaho Falls, ID and just started school at USU. I'm into music. Any music. From wherever, whenever, and whoever. Dorms suck. Everyone knows everyone just enough to be annoying and presumptuous. Oh well, my fault for rooming here. I play guitar like a madman, or at least I hope so.

As of late, I find myself pondering why I am in logan. I can't quite figure out my thoughts right now. Hopefully this LJ will help me decode. Lots of existential bullS**t running around in my dome. I'm hoping to find some work in a restaurant, pays well but hard work.

If anyone needs guitar repair and maintenance, come find me. I'm in Snow Hall 201. Email too. I specialize in set-ups and if i can get my hands on a buffer some finish work. I'm kinda looking for stuff to do and people to hang with on the outside...I mean, outside the dorms. It can be confining here.

Anyways, gonna go watch some Aquateen Hunger Force.
Beyond the violent reality of today, there is always the hope of a peaceful tomorrow.

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