kol hatchilot kashot (blairpettrey) wrote in cachevalley,
kol hatchilot kashot

free 3 year old dog!

i have an -amazing- dog that needs a good home.
he's a snouzer/wiredhair terrior mix.
everythings current, but he's not spayed/nutored (whichever it is for a male dog!)
he's awesome with people; loves attention.. which also means he needs to be given
attention a lot.

i really don't want to give him to the pound..
so contact me if interested.


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Hi there! I don't think I know you, but a friend linked me to this. I work with a guy who is looking for a little dog for his kids. He might be very interested. I'll talk to him today and get back to you!

Cute dog by the way! I love snouzers.