Loraine (thisfoolyoulove) wrote in cachevalley,

Introducing Loraine.......briefly

Hello All
It doesn't seem that this community is very active, but what the heck, it's for Logan folk and since I'm a Logan folk now, it's fitting. Anyway...erm...why is that you can never remember anythig witty or interesting to say when put on the spot? When I'm at home being myself, I can think of a hundred funny things to make my roommate chortle, but under pressure......a void of everlasting blankess fills my incompetent head. So enough with the rambling.
My name is Loraine(duh) and I'm a freshman at good ol' USU. Currently my plan is to major in Psychology with a double minor in English and Biology(it might change to English and French though, we'll see...) and go on to graduate school and eventually somewhere along the line get a doctorate in Psychology and be a clinical Nueropsychologist and maybe even a college professor. But that's like 20 years down the line to even considering, so yeah. I love to read and write and sing and lots of generic late-teen Mormon girl things but above all, I like to listen to people and know their stories, where they come from, what they love, what they believe, what they desire, what they want, what drives them. Good old corny(but meangingful) stuff like that. And with that, I will bid you all adieu and head off to class.
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