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I have a job for y'all!

Hey, anybody NEED A JOB IN LOGAN?
I am over Human Resources for the afternoon/evening shift at Western Wats, and we are always hiring!

What is Western Wats?

-We are a telephone research company. We do absolutely NO SALES. We conduct market research, customer satisfaction, and public opinion surveys.

What are the shifts/hour requirements?

-Our schedules are the most flexible in town.

-For the afternoon/evening shift, we work from 3pm-10pm on Mon.-Fri. and Sun. On Sat. we work from 9am-3pm.

-You can choose your own shifts.

-We do ask that you work at least 12 hrs a week, 3 days a week, and at least one closing shift (that's until 10 Mon.-Fri. or Sun., or until 3 on Sat.).

-We also ask that you work either Fri. and Sat. every week, or Sun. every week. You can alternate that if you want to.

-You can change your schedule every week if you want to.

-It is easy to get any day off you want as long as you submit your request the week before.

What about pay?

-We have a pay scale based on quality and production.

-If you work under 16 hours, you can make up to $7.05 an hour.

-If you work 16 hours or more, you can get up to $7.75 an hour.

(-We're probably going to increase the pay soon, and have another jump at 20 hours.)

-We pay every week instead of every other week like most jobs.

Where is Western Wats located?

-We're on 22 E. Center Street in Logan--right next to the Center Street Grill.

You can fill out an application at, or you can come into the office and fill out an application on one of our computers. If you apply for the afternoon/evening shift, just call us after you fill out your application at (435) 753-1303 and ask for me. I will be the one to interview you and train you (training is paid, by the way) so I look forward to meeting you!

If any of your friends need a job, please tell them about us.


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