Alec (ashaman_al_cor) wrote in cachevalley,

Utah State Women's Gymanstics

No one ever posts on this thing, so I figured why not?

January 20th is the first home meet for USU gymnastics. It's held at the Spectrum at 6:35pm. The first meet is USU vs. BYU. Usually a pretty good meet.

I'm not quite sure how much tickets are, but you can get them at the ticket office in the Spectrum.

If you've never watched gymnastics before it can be quite interesting/amusing to watch. There are 4 "events" starting with Vault (the girl runs and goes over the vaulting "horse") and Uneven Bars. Then Beam and Floor. (Floor's the big one. Seriously worth watching)

Anyway, just thought I'd send a shout out for it.
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