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i'm in =)

hey everybody! i got my acceptance letter from USU yesterday. i was just wondering if any of you could tell me about the school.

i'm still trying to decide where i want to go, and in fact i'm planning on visiting Logan in two weeks. i realize classes may not still be in session (20th and 21st?), but maybe there's a visitor's center or some sort of self-guided tour i can go on... ? or if not, maybe you kind folks could tell me what sort of places i'll want to check out. any help would... help.

oh, ps: i'm from San Jose, CA, where i've lived all my life. i'll be transferring as a junior (most likely) and i'm planning on getting a Social Sciences teaching credential. could anyone help me out with the easiest path toward this? BA in History / Soc Sci then major in education? something else?
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